Best Archery Target Reviews 2021

So you finally picked up your bow. Congratulations on taking your first step into the great world of archery! Unfortunately, you can't just practice anywhere. Sure, there are plenty of ranges for you to go to, but sometimes you may just want to kick back at home and shoot. This is where archery targets come into play. In this guide, we will go over the best archery target products on the market.

Whether you are just shooting for fun, or plan to take target archery seriously, any of these products will help you practice from the comfort of anywhere you please. ​Targets come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so there are plenty of options no matter the taste. The options you find here are our favorites and have worked out best for us, so keep on reading to find out what they are.

​Top Archery Target Comparison Chart

The chart below is just a quick overview of our favorite products. It gives the base information in an easy to read format for quick viewing so you can get a side by side look at each of the products.


Target Type







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21 x 21 x 15


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With the vast list of different types of archery targets, it is no wonder that you can get easily confused while looking for be the best solution for your specific needs. The quality products on the market today are designed for specific bows or arrows, therefore, knowing the main types of archery targets can get you one huge step closer to making the perfect decision.

1. Bag Targets

As these are the most basic archery targets most bowhunters have owned one of these at some point since they provide a perfect solution for honing your skills. These bag targets are usually filled up with synthetic fiber, making them capable of easily stopping arrows and providing you with easy removal. The sturdy design makes them a perfect choice for summer or spring sessions, while we recommend using them mostly indoors. In case you are planning to use bag targets with broadheads, you should pick a different type of archery target, as broadheads will likely damage the outer cover of the bags or get stuck in the target, or even make the filling spill, which can make your bag target become unusable. Therefore, these types of archery targets should only be used with field points, which will not damage them. Even though new types of bag targets are made from weather-resistant materials, they can still easily soak up and wear out quickly, therefore, we suggest using these on an indoor range. If you persist using them outdoors make sure to store them properly and keep them away from the rain. Use bag targets with all types of compound bows and make sure you only use field points for practice sessions with this specific type of archery target.

2. Foam Layer Block Targets

This lightweight and portable solution is the next step after bag targets, offering a bit harder arrow removal for light bows, compared to bag targets. As foam layer block targets pinch the arrow between foam layers, field points are still the best choice to use with this type of target, as broadheads can seriously affect the lifespan of your freshly purchased product. The most important thing with foam layer block targets is that heavy draw weights can easily bury your arrows deep, making removal hard or close to impossible. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on your shooting angle, as it is advisable to avoid shooting through or across those layers. As a preventive measure, make sure that you arrange your target vertically, therefore your arrows will slide between the layers. This specific target is great for outdoor sessions, as it is rather easy to set up, but make sure that you are using field points to avoid seriously damaging your new archery target.

3. 3D Practice Targets

In case you are after a more intense experience and would like to prepare yourself for actual hunting situations, 3D foam targets are the best pick for you. These targets come in the form of all types of animals, to make your practice session more fun as you take your aim at a T. Rex lurking in the woods. There are also different types of overlay options, which further enhance your experience, for example showing the vitals on the outside of your 3D target to let you know which organ you exactly hit, while in some cases they also provide extra protection for your target, making them capable of withstanding broadhead shots. As these targets can easily wear out you can replace their mid-section separately without buying a new one. The foam core inside these 3D practice targets makes it easy to lose a broadhead, therefore, the best option is to use field points for these types of targets also. In case you would like to practice for the next hunting season, 3D practice targets are the best choice out there, which enable you to simulate life-like situations, while their light design enables you to set them up quickly and easily move them around.

+1 The right scoring layout

Competition targets are specifically built to withstand arrows from shooters every day, therefore, they can be used for competitive and practice purposes, while you become familiar with the scoring rings of the target. There are two major types of scoring methods: IBO and ASA. In case you are also planning to join competitive events, choosing the right type of scoring method can make the difference. Make sure that you choose the appropriate scoring method to prepare for competitive sessions and dedicate some time for thorough research on the different rules and regulations. Practicing with targets that come with competitive scoring layers, you can maximize your scoring potential.


There is surely the perfect archery target for you out there. As all types are built for different purposes picking the right one is key in helping you to hone your skills and make you a better archer. We hope that this short list brings you one step closer to find the perfect fit, that will not only be fun to use but also provides you with the right type of challenge and handiness.