Best Crossbow Pistol Reviews 2021:The Ultimate Guide

Crossbows have become all the rage lately, but not everyone can afford one. They are definitely on the higher end of the price range in most cases. But if you are still looking to get started, you may want to check into a crossbow pistol! They don't pack quite the punch as a normal crossbow, but the best crossbow pistol will still give you a good introduction to the product.

A pistol crossbow is going to give you a much smaller form factor than any other bow. They can generally be used one handed and can be used to hunt smaller game if that is what you are wanting to get into. They are also a bit easier to setup so if you are looking to get something before getting a full crossbow, this is a great choice. We have put together this guide to go over some of our favorite products out there, so keep reading to find out more.

​Top Crossbow Pistol Comparison Guide

​The chart below gives a brief overview of our top picks. They are ranked from our favorite up at the top and then goes down in descending order.

Either for target practices or for hunting casual prey, crossbow pistols can bring you an experience full of fun, while you simply rediscover your inner child once again. Everybody has dreamt of taking on someone or something with one of these while traveling back in time and fighting on the side of Robin of Locksley and the band of "Merry Men". So if you are looking for a quick time traveling option that is fun and pleasing to the eye, crossbow pistols should be on the top of your list! You might wonder what makes these a good or bad fit for you and that is why we put together a short list regarding the most important features to keep an eye on when picking your next arrow shooting time machine!

1. Finding the right bolt

As there are numerous types of bolts, with different sizes, speed, material and price, finding the perfect one is never easy. Since experimenting is a big part of this hobby, you should dedicate some time to get familiar with the different types of bolts available, and give them a shot - no pun intended. Depending on the type of your crossbow pistol, you will find various bolts fitting your pistol length, where the most common ones will be made of aluminum or plastic. Aluminum bolts are the perfect choice for hunting purposes, while plastic ones are considerably lighter and are generally better for practice sessions.

2. The Pistol

When choosing your next crossbow pistol, the first thing which you should be checking is the frame of your future pistol crossbow - the most important aspect! Keep in mind that it has to be durable, reliable while withstanding huge forces and vibration. Die cast and alloy body with graphite limbs are the perfect choices, as these make them extremely durable, however, also add considerable weight to your next crossbow pistol. Aluminum bodies with fiberglass limbs, on the other hand, make your crossbow pistol more lightweight, while they also reduce the durability of your crossbow pistols. There is also a third solution over here, with a so-called ABS plastic material, which is basically an enhanced plastic material, keeping your crossbow pistol lightweight, and being considerably cheaper compared to alloy based designs - however, these are less durable and reliable solutions.

The next part, which needs thorough analysis, is the string of your future crossbow pistol. These are usually made from fibers or strong durable threads, keeping them durable and capable of taking high pressure. To avoid any possible fray it is highly advisable to use string wax, which can keep your fiber smooth and last for a longer time.

3. Self-cocking or manual?

This is another major question that comes up before buying your next crossbow pistol, as they can decide the draw weight of your crossbow. This weight is actually the heavy weight of your bow which will be pulled, bringing the maximum result for firing. This is usually around 50 lbs, while self-cocking crossbows are much better at draw weight compared to manual ones, which require more work and can produce less draw weight.

4. Scope or no scope?

There are specific crossbow pistols which originally come with an attached scope, in other cases, you can decide on your own whether you would like to use a scope or not. For better accuracy and targeting, scopes can provide you with enormous advantages when hunting, however, if you are planning to use your crossbow during only target practice sessions, you can simply choose not to have them. In case you are after one, you will find that there are numerous types of scopes on the market, however, the most usual solution is are laser scopes, which can help enhance your accuracy and provide you with a solution for hunting in low-light situations.

5. Need for Speed

Either if you are planning to use your new crossbow pistol during target practice sessions, or you are planning to hunt small game, last but not least, you should keep an eye on your arrow speed, as nobody wants to have a slow crossbow! Different types and brands come with different speed, where most 50lbs crossbow pistols will have a speed around 150fps, while 80lbs ones can have a speed up to 160-1650 fps.

Anything else?

Just as with other products, there are several innovations that aim to make your hunting/target practicing experience more fun, therefore, you should be also on the lookout for any additional extras that can come with your future crossbow pistol. Sometimes these can make a huge difference in user-friendliness, but in some cases they can also be only design features which don't really add anything extra to your experience. LED flashlights, camouflage bodies or inbuilt/attached scopes can be great, useful extra addons, making targeting, hunting more easier, while enhancing usability in low-light situations.