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Omp Mountain Man Sierra Review

Mountain Man Sierra

Are you in the market for a new longbow? If so, you should know that the Omp Mountain Man Sierra Longbow offers plenty of pure performance and comfort for a great price. Today, we’d like to share some important information about the features of this model, as well as its pros and cons. Once you’ve learned more about it, you’ll be able to make a wise and informed decision about whether or not it’s right for you.

Product Specifications for This Model

First off, you should know that this longbow is made from hard maple and walnut woods. It comes with a customized finish which is very traditional and beautiful. When you choose this model, you’ll receive a design with transparent limbs which are crafted from Fiberglass. These clear limbs come with tips which are reinforced. Also, each longbow includes a string made from durable Dacron. In addition, the Omp Mountain Man Sierra Longbow is compatible with Fast Flight string. This design measures sixty-eight inches and has a recommended brace height of 6.5.5 inches.

Pros of This Product

This longbow has a rustic appearance which is traditional and very pleasing to the eye. Its gentle curve and fine woods make it a beautiful work of art. As well, it performs wonderfully, since it is crafted with care in order to offer great shooting speed and range. Also, this design is quite comfortable to hold. This longbow comes from a manufacturer with a strong and positive reputation and it’s definitely a smart pick for discerning buyers. Its price range is medium, so it’s affordable for many customers.

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Cons of This Longbow

If you want a budget longbow, the Mountain Man Sierra may be too expensive for you. It’s mid-range in price, but does provide great value for the money due to its excellent materials, construction and features. However, there are cheaper longbows out there in the marketplace.

In terms of other cons, there aren’t many. This longbow is powerful enough to be a great choice for any array of hunting types, from hunting deer to hunting elk to hunting turkeys and beyond. If you want power, you’ll find it, even if you have to pay a little more. You’ll find that this longbow offers superior return on investment.

Customer Opinions

This is a five-star longbow. It gets excellent reviews all over the Web, from experts and hunters alike. It’s also great for target practice. Since it’s so beloved by customers and hunting experts, it’s really a great choice. It’s a crowd-pleasing longbow which is loaded with appealing features. Most people who buy it remark on its power. It’s a bow which provides a lot of speed and distance and it offers performance which is super-smooth.

As you can see, this bow definitely has a lot to offer. It’s an investment in performance and comfort, as well as lightning-fast speed! As well, it is versatile enough to work for a bunch of hunting styles. If you want a beautiful longbow that you’ll be proud to own, which really performs out of doors, this may just be the design that you’ve been waiting for. Choosing the Omp Mountain Man Sierra Longbow is the key to perfecting your technique and bagging more prey. As well, it’s a good choice for target practice.

Find this design at larger online retailers. Make sure that your preferred retailer offers an authentic design. While you’re there, be sure to read customer reviews. You’ll find that they are really glowing. This great longbow also makes a perfect gift for any hunting fan in your life. So, why not order it today?

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SAS Maverick Review

SAS Maverick

The SAS Maverick hunting bow is a hallmark of traditional bowhunting. From its beautiful and rustic appearance, to its elegant and prim design, it is a worthy addition to any hunting bow collection. Traditional archers are encouraged to purchase this model, as it adheres to conventional standards of hunting bow craftsmanship and design. This hunting bow ranges between 40 and 5 pounds and makes the perfect hunting companion. Considering the price and the value, this hunting bow in unbeatable in quality and savings as well. If you are a novice or moderately skilled bow hunter, then this product is perfect.

Product Specifications

This product comes in several weights, most of which are the same price.

This product is reinforced with fiberglass, and clad in beautiful, maple, laminated material. Furthermore, the riser contains a lovely fusion of zebra, kulgam and makore wood as well. This 60-inch bow is specifically designed for right handed bow hunters. While powerful, this bow comprises a narrow and elegant shape. In terms of aesthetic beauty, performance and comfort, this product delivers results without fail.

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There are many advantages to using this hunting bow. Firstly, it is great for entry level or minimally trained bow hunters. Thus, you have the capacity to improve by practicing on this bow.

Another benefit of this hunting bow is that its beauty is simply undeniable. Upon first glance, the rich color, curvature, and construction are just visually harmonious. The muted color allows it to blend in seamlessly in natural environments, making it perfect for stealthy hunting. Not to mention, this product comes in several weights which means you can tailor your bow to you individual strength and experience. With its slender shape and comfortable feel, this product is made to nudge itself perfectly into the human grip.


In spite of its positive reviews, this product has its share of cons. While some longbows reduce shock and vibration, one customer takes note of the vibration this product produces. Of course, the majority of the reviews were exceedingly positive, so this may be unique to this customer’s experience.

What Customers Have to Say

This product has several verified customer reviews. And of all the positive reviews posted, 100% of them provided 5-star ratings. So, what did customers have to say about this product? Firstly, this bow is speedy, precise and very powerful. It delivers shots with absolute strength and accuracy as well. According to some reviewers, this is the best, traditional bow that you can find under $200.

The majority of all customers agree that this bow is beautiful in design and craftsmanship. Some even remarked that its beauty is more pronounced in person. Overall, they praise the looks, performance, and functionality of this bow.

According to many customers, this bow provides a comfortable grip and an easy shooting experience as well. Novices expressed that this was an exceptional choice for a first time bow user.

The lightweight construction and easy handling is yet another feature these customers loved to praise. The levity of this bow permitted seamless and fluid movements, facilitating the shooting process entirely.


Based on the countless five-star longbow reviews and ongoing praise, this product is highly recommended. Every customer review seemed to align with the desktop and specifications provided by the company. Based on the description and reviews, this product has everything you look for in a hunting bow-speed, traditional construction, beauty, precision and easy handling. If you want a lightweight, traditional, beautiful, accurate and easy to handle hunting bow, then you should buy this product.

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PSE Sequoia Review

PSE Sequoia

The PSE® Sequoia is no ordinary longbow. It is engineered for its superb and distinctive quality, allowing it to stand out amongst the rest. This longbow, hailed for its beauty and speed, is composed of eclectic wooden materials, giving it an exotic mystique. This product is the hallmark of traditional archery, as it is reinforced with historically rich features, perfect for all of you old-fashion archers out there. If you relished in the tales of Robin Hood, and you hearken for the olden days, then this bow is for you. With this longbow, you can partake in a long historical legacy, as longbows have been used for thousands of years throughout the globe. Longbow warfare has surfaced in many cultures, from Nubian to Native American cultures, and more. Now, you can own a longbow with a historical twist, adding a rustic taste and richness to your archery experience.


This longbow is characterized by a 68” length, a brace height that ranges between 6.5”-7”. Finally, the weight set is at a 28” draw length.


Unlike modern compound bows, this longbow offers many pragmatic benefits. Firstly, the design is much lighter and faster than that of modern day counterparts. This longbow braces you for swift shots, and it shoots both stealthily and quietly as well. Another benefit of using this bow is the reflex-deflex design, which is the preferred model for traditional archers. The standards of this longbow bow are simply incomparable and this set an exceptional example of excellence and precision. From its high velocity and stability, this longbow cannot be rivaled by inferior models.

Another benefit of this longbow model is that its limbs are reinforced for sturdiness, as they are layered with both bamboo and clear fiberglass. Not to mention, this longbow is equipped with a brilliant variety of woods, from black walnut to cherry, to maple wood. This design is also constructed to diminish shooting stress, as the laminated tips assist with this issue. You can even choose from a variety of draw weights, including 40# 45#, 50#, and 55#.

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While this bow has very few cons, it does have shooting limitations in terms of distance. One customer inquired whether this bow could shoot an estimated 60 yards. Another customer strongly advised against this. However, another customer responded as well, noting that stronger archers may have the physical capability to shoot an arrow this distance. Hence, the shooting distance depends on a number of factors, including your physical strength.

What Customers Have to Say

Customers have given this product stellar reviews. According to these reviews, the construction of this bow is absolutely phenomenal. The build is both sleek and robust, providing a comfortable, but empowering shooting experience. Furthermore, the feel is described as both natural and outstanding as well. Thus, this bow delivers the perfect blend of virility and power. The arrows project forward with great accuracy and speed, according to most customers.

Another customer remarked that this is the best bow he has ever owned in his life, thus the five-star rating. He commends this product for its beautiful construction, craftsmanship, and more. Considering the robust construction of this design, customers are pleased to say that it is lightweight and easy to handle. Furthermore, it directs arrows speedily onto a clear and narrow path making archery and hunting easier than ever.


In essence, this bow is highly recommended. With its 5-star rating and positive customer reviews, this longbow does not disappoint. It delivers performance with consistency and it lives up to its name and purported strengths. The craftsmanship, and traditional design bring the historical aspects of archery into the modern day world.

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Bear Archery Montana Review

Bear Archery Montana

The Bear Archery Montana longbow is hailed for its smooth surface, speed and grace. Its narrow, yet, powerful limbs are reinforced by glorious black fiberglass for an added effect. With a crowned arrow shelf, as well as a cushioned leather grip, this bow is designed for comfort and stellar performance.


The specifications of this bow are as follows. Firstly, this bow consists of a 64” AMO, a Dynaflight 97 Flemish string, along with a leather grip. This bow also consists of limbs with a white, maple overlay, along with black fiberglass construction. The riser is also composed of hard-rock maple. The design of this product also permits clean and seamless usage as well, providing fluid arrow flights.

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Because of it quality construction, this bow offers several pros and benefits. Firstly, this model is characterized by an innovative, reflex-deflex design, which minimizes shock against your hand. This design feature also increases the intensity and the quality of your hunting experience as well. The limbs are relatively easy to draw, and they provide both a steadfast and speedy performance. The grip, which consists of a hand locator, is very traditional for those who prefer a classic longbow experience. The draw lengths of this bow are actually designed for your individual comfort also.


In spite of its positive reviews, there are a few cons associated with the model. While many reviewers described this as lightweight, one review in particular described it as heavy. So, perhaps this is a matter of opinion. Finally, another customer commented that the grip is not engineered for the human hand. Therefore, this may require some adapting on your part. Another potential con is the handle wrapping consists of only a thin foam sheet, which to some, appears cheap in quality. But the bow itself is both majestic and beautiful.

What Customers Have to Say

Customers are purely satisfied with this longbow model, as the reviews speak for themselves. Among many descriptive adjectives, the term “perfect” has been used in reviews to describe this model. Firstly, customers praise this bow on its keen ability to shoot. The draw is seamless and fluid, and its anti-shock properties prevent it from vibrating excessively upon release.

Other customers have described this bow as lightweight, as well. Furthermore, it is designed to release quiet and subtle shots. In fact, this bow is so quiet that onlookers often ask questions about it.

Virtually every customer praised this bow’s aesthetic beauty. The beauty, is often, one of the first attributes that the customers praise, along with its functional quality. According to one customer, everyone who sees the bow feels compelled to comment on its appearance.

The reflex/deflex design also contributes the speed and agility of this bow, which several customers have mentioned. This bow was described as so powerful that it can be used on large game in North America. Furthermore, even with frequent use, this bow is know to be highly durable as well.

Finally, customers have said this bow blends historically traditional bow components with more contemporary components. And although the limbs are narrow, they are incredibly steadfast and durable.


This product could not be more immaculate and the positive customer reviews are a testament to this. Not a single negative review could be detected on the sales page, and this speaks to its quality and the candor of the bow’s description. Any company can give its products an appealing description. But this product truly lives up to its reputation and its specifications. Based on the exceedingly positive ratings, the specification, as well as the beauty, speed and durability of this model, it is highly recommended.

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Martin Archery Savannah Stealth Review

Martin Archery Savannah Stealth

The Martin Archery Savannah Stealth Longbow is one of the bestselling longbows in the history of this company. The Savannah Company has inscribed a long legacy of serving its customers with high-quality products. With its reflex design and energy conservation model, this product has become a favorite of long bow appreciators everywhere. This model is designed for superior capabilities, eliminating the shock associated with other designs. The beauty of this bow, combined with its high caliber material construction, makes it a worthy model for any bow enthusiast’s collection.


The specifications for this bow are as follows. It permits between a 40 lb and a 65 pound draw weight, increasing its uses and versatility. Its brace height ranges between 6.5 inches and 7.5 inches, permitting a breath of lateral movements. This longbow also consists of an impressive 1 lb 7 oz mass height as well. Not only does it come with zebra laminates, but its AMO string length is 64 inches total.


There are many aesthetic, structural and performance-oriented pros of this model. First, because this longbow is reinforced with a reflex design, it conserves energy with each shot, while decreasing the shock exerted on the hand. Thus, it is designed for ease of use and comfort as well. Another advantage of this model is it is characterized by traditional rest, as well as a bow sock and a flemish bowstring. It comes with bow packages, as well.

Aesthetically, this bow is pleasing to the eye. It is lavished with a vast spectrum of dark wooden striations and accents. Its Bubinga riser is decorated primly with zebra print wood and dark silver, as well. With laminated limbs and reinforced limb tips, it is engineered for durability and strength. This bow is both stealthy and sleek, and it is designed for subtly, which helps it blend into virtually any environment.

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There is, of course, a con associated with buying this longbow model. The description fails to clearly indicate whether this is for left handers or right handers. However, it is in fact designed for right handed individuals.

Customer Opinions

Customers have raved endlessly about this longbow model. They have praised its functional abilities and its aesthetic qualities alike. Some have described this bow as smooth, beautiful and comfortable in their grip. They praise its seamless shooting abilities and they appear to be very satisfied with it. Many have even described this is a high-quality bow and a personal favorite as well.

Customers have also raved about the cloth sock, which helps protect the bow from external damage. With the cloth sock, you can safeguard your crossbow from scratches and external damage as well. Customers were also pleased with the bow stringer, which is major essential for crossbow enthusiasts. Finally, the self-adhesive leather patch was yet another great addition that customers mentioned.

Most if not all customers took note of the beauty this crossbow has to offer. From the flawless finish, to the satin-like smooth wood, they could not resist the fiberglass clad wood, along with the camo mystique that this bow dawned ever so majestically.


When choosing a longbow model, there are four considerations you should make: the design, the functional capacity, mechanical capabilities, and the customers who have reviewed the product. What good are state of the art design and mechanics unless they adapt to the human experience? Overall, the reviews on this product have been overwhelmingly positive, and they seem to align with the promises and specifications that the company describes. Given the consistency, in this long bow’s description quality, I would highly recommend it. Not only does it permit a firm grip and comfort while using it, it functions beautifully as well. It may be one of the best longbow products out there.

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