PSE Sequoia Review

PSE Sequoia

The PSE® Sequoia is no ordinary longbow. It is engineered for its superb and distinctive quality, allowing it to stand out amongst the rest. This longbow, hailed for its beauty and speed, is composed of eclectic wooden materials, giving it an exotic mystique. This product is the hallmark of traditional archery, as it is reinforced with historically rich features, perfect for all of you old-fashion archers out there. If you relished in the tales of Robin Hood, and you hearken for the olden days, then this bow is for you. With this longbow, you can partake in a long historical legacy, as longbows have been used for thousands of years throughout the globe. Longbow warfare has surfaced in many cultures, from Nubian to Native American cultures, and more. Now, you can own a longbow with a historical twist, adding a rustic taste and richness to your archery experience.


This longbow is characterized by a 68” length, a brace height that ranges between 6.5”-7”. Finally, the weight set is at a 28” draw length.


Unlike modern compound bows, this longbow offers many pragmatic benefits. Firstly, the design is much lighter and faster than that of modern day counterparts. This longbow braces you for swift shots, and it shoots both stealthily and quietly as well. Another benefit of using this bow is the reflex-deflex design, which is the preferred model for traditional archers. The standards of this longbow bow are simply incomparable and this set an exceptional example of excellence and precision. From its high velocity and stability, this longbow cannot be rivaled by inferior models.

Another benefit of this longbow model is that its limbs are reinforced for sturdiness, as they are layered with both bamboo and clear fiberglass. Not to mention, this longbow is equipped with a brilliant variety of woods, from black walnut to cherry, to maple wood. This design is also constructed to diminish shooting stress, as the laminated tips assist with this issue. You can even choose from a variety of draw weights, including 40# 45#, 50#, and 55#.

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While this bow has very few cons, it does have shooting limitations in terms of distance. One customer inquired whether this bow could shoot an estimated 60 yards. Another customer strongly advised against this. However, another customer responded as well, noting that stronger archers may have the physical capability to shoot an arrow this distance. Hence, the shooting distance depends on a number of factors, including your physical strength.

What Customers Have to Say

Customers have given this product stellar reviews. According to these reviews, the construction of this bow is absolutely phenomenal. The build is both sleek and robust, providing a comfortable, but empowering shooting experience. Furthermore, the feel is described as both natural and outstanding as well. Thus, this bow delivers the perfect blend of virility and power. The arrows project forward with great accuracy and speed, according to most customers.

Another customer remarked that this is the best bow he has ever owned in his life, thus the five-star rating. He commends this product for its beautiful construction, craftsmanship, and more. Considering the robust construction of this design, customers are pleased to say that it is lightweight and easy to handle. Furthermore, it directs arrows speedily onto a clear and narrow path making archery and hunting easier than ever.


In essence, this bow is highly recommended. With its 5-star rating and positive customer reviews, this longbow does not disappoint. It delivers performance with consistency and it lives up to its name and purported strengths. The craftsmanship, and traditional design bring the historical aspects of archery into the modern day world.

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