Best Bowfishing Bow Reviews 2021 – Ultimate Guide

Are you a fisherman looking to add a new challenge to your fishing experiences, or by chance a bow hunter looking to expand your horizons? You've come to the right place then. In this article we will look at the best bowfishing bow options out there and compare them. 

A bowfishing bow is different than a normal bow, so there are a few special things to look for. We will give you a comparison of the best products and let you know about the nuances of these specialty bows. ‚Äč

Top Bowfishing Bow Comparison Guide

The chart below lists our favorite bowfishing bows in an easy to use format for you to look at. You will find the most essential product information and a rating for each one to help you take a quick look at some of the best bowfishing bows out there.

Bowfishing Bow Comparison Guide

Are you in the market for a new bowfishing bow? If so, you should know that we've compiled some tips which will help you to select a superb product which makes it easier to get great results while you're bowfishing. This outdoor sport is so enjoyable and it's even better when the right equipment is used.

In fact, the quality of your bowfishing bow is likely going to play a prominent role in whether or not your bowfishing outings are successful ones.

Without further ado, let's talk about what to look for while you're hunting for the right bowfishing bow!

Basic Facts to Consider

It's not necessary to buy the fastest bow around. If you're new to bowfishing, you may find that an entry-level model which costs less, but still offers basic performance, is good enough. Most experienced bowfishers will probably want more features and more performance and they'll be willing to pay more in order to get it.

In terms of how to shop, you'll be able to purchase a "bare" bow of the recurve or compound style. Another option is buying a bow kit which is configured for the sport. So, how to decide? Well, it's largely a matter of deciding which level of control you want over your equipment.

When you buy a bare bow, you'll have the power to mix-and-match your reels and arrows, as well as other bow accessories. When you opt for a bow kit, you'll find that it's got everything in place from the start. You won't need to add anything or change anything.

Also, you should consider draw weight. The draw weight for big game hunting is not the same as the draw weight for bowfishing. Big game hunters don't draw back as much. A bowfisher might draw back up to fifty time in a single outing. In general, adults should have thirty-five pounds of draw weight, along with high-quality arrows which kill fish without exhausting fishermen or women in the process!

Think About Reel Design

Another option to consider is reel design. There are a trio of styles which you may add to bows. The options are retriever, spinning and drum styles. If you choose a drum reel, you'll find that it is a simple accessory. It may be retrieved via hand-pulling, over hand, once it's been shot. The spinning styles are fast styles. They ensure premium arrow speed and they allow lines to be reeled in quickly. This makes follow-up easier.

With a spinning reel, you'll need to hit a release button before you shoot. If you don't, you may send the arrow right back towards you and this is a bad thing. As well, spinning reels may trigger line twists, which in turn trigger the development of snags. Snags may pull arrows off strings after fishing fans draw back! After you shoot, a handle of the drag-and-reel type will provide you with a lot of control over your prey.

The last form of reel is the retriever style, which may also be known as a bottle reel. It's a safe choice when it's utilized along with a cable or safety slide. As well, the retriever reel is fast, due to its design, which decreases drag on lines.

After you shoot, the line will continue releasing until you put the brake on.

The brake lever will be manually operated and it will function as a drag as you fight for your next fish. Once you retrieve the line via your handle, which is a lot like the handle for a spinning reel, but slower, you'll have your fish.

Now, let's talk about accessories for these models...

Which Accessories Are Most Useful?

There are four main accessories for bowfishing. They are arrows, points, lights and lines. Those who choose spinning reels should opt for lines with small diameters, as doing so will improve the speed of arrows. Those who select drum or retriever reels should utilize thicker lines, as these sorts of lines decrease the chance of hand cuts while battling fish.

Arrow are typically made from fiberglass and they are sometimes made from graphite or carbon, too. Fiberglass provides plenty of strength and its heavier weight is great for punching through waterways. Points should be barbed in order to keep fish securely held. A lot of styles have quick-release setups which make it easy to take take off arrows once they are caught.

As well, lights are very useful. They will give you the ability to do some bowfishing during the nighttime hours. Lots of fish are nocturnal. Lights are typically mounted in side or via mounts of the stabilizer type. The main consideration should be lumens. The more lumens, the more brightness...

Shop for a New Bow Today

Now that you know what to look for and which options are available, you'll be ready to get equipped for bowfishing, by purchasing a new bowfishing bow which is just right for your particular needs, budget and preferences.