Barnett Outdoors Brotherhood Review

barnett outdoors brotherhood 2There is a world of difference between beginner level crossbows and hunting/high-level tournament crossbows designed to provide archers with an elite level of precision accuracy and power, and that’s the first thing that you’re going to notice when you fire able to down range from the Barnett Outdoors Brotherhood.

Far and away one of the most impressive hunting style crossbows you’re going to come across on the market today, to say that this is one of the most popular – and the most widely purchased – hunting style crossbows is no exaggeration whatsoever.

The overall design is pitch perfect, the power and performance it provides is exceptional, and the precision accuracy it offers right out of the box (as well as the ability to really fine tune this crossbow) isn’t something that you’ll want to sleep on.

You’re going to love the Barnett Outdoors Brotherhood crossbow, that’s for sure!

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• Capable of sending bolts downrange and more than 350 ft./s
• This crossbow features a draw weight of 160 pounds (fully adjustable)
• The 13 inch Power Stroke elevates your performance, knockdown power, and doesn’t detract from accuracy
• At 7 pounds it’s one of the lightest weight precision accurate hunting crossbows the you’ll find on the market today
• Be included Picatinny rail system is machined out of lightweight aluminum and accepts all kinds of mounts and accessories
• Pass-through foregrip allows you to more comfortably hold the crossbow for improved accuracy and less fatigue

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


A design brewed up by the folks at Barnett as well as those from The Brotherhood, this is a crossbow that is going to completely transform the way that you look at crossbows from here on out.

Engineered from the ground up to provide you with almost impossible power, performance, and accuracy without forcing you to carry and overly happy or difficult to wield crossbow, the Barnett Outdoors Brotherhood is a tremendously accurate crossbow that delivers bolts at top speed and with 109 foot-pounds of kinetic energy.

That’s some serious stopping power!

The draw weight is super easy to manage even if you’re not used to a 160 pound crossbow, the power stroke provides that extra zip and stability you’re looking for, and the high quality components throughout guarantee that you were going to be able to count on this crossbow for years and years to come without any degradation in performance along the way.


The biggest drawback to the Barnett Outdoors Brotherhood has to be the somewhat high price tag, though you definitely get everything that you pay for when you pull the trigger on this kind of purchase.

This is a serious crossbow for serious archers and not a “toy” for beginners that are just getting into the swing of things. You can confidently use this crossbow in competition or out hunting without any anxiety whatsoever.

But you’ll have to pay for that privilege for sure.

Customer Opinions

There may not be a more popular precision grade crossbow than the Barnett Outdoors Brotherhood, especially right out of the box. Customers are glowingly positive in regards to this crossbow and it’s really, really easy to see why when you are firing really tight groups at distances of 50 yards or so!


Though you have the opportunity to purchase any number of crossbow options on the market today and walk away with a quality product you know you’re going to be able to trust and rely on, the truth of the matter is that the Barnett Outdoors Brotherhood is head and shoulders above most everything else you’re going to come across (at nearly any price point).

This is some serious firepower for those that take their archery equally serious.

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