Samick Sage Review

samick sage takedownIf you want to add a recurve bow to your hunting or target practice gear, you should know that the Samick Sage recurve bow offers plenty of great performance for a fair price. Today, we’re going to discuss the key features of this particular recurve bow, as well as its pros and cons. We want to help you discover this impressive model, with a mind to making your comparison-shopping easier.

In terms of basic facts, this is a 62″ takedown recurve bow for a draw up to twenty-nine inches. It’s considered budget-to-mid-range in price and it’s ideal for those who want entry-level to intermediate-level performance.

Primary Features of This Model

When you choose the Samick Sage Recurve Bow, you’ll access a bow string of the B-50 type, as well as an arrow rest. Of course, you’ll also receive the bow itself, which features brass bushings that are pre-installed for a brass plunger, quiver, sight and stabilizer. This design works with a Samick Sage Hunting Kit and its limbs are crafted from tough Maple and dark fibreglass. The bow comes with a knob which is single and tapered, as well as a pocket design of the Metal Limb type.

It’s possible to purchase limbs separately in order to boost or lower weight. The best brace height for this model ranges from seven and one-quarter inches to eight and one-quarter inches.

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Pros of This Model

Affordable price, good looks and great performance top the list in terms of “pros” for this model. It’s got a rustic look which is pretty traditional, along with all of the modern materials and performance that hunters or target practice fans want. When you choose this popular model, you’ll be selecting a style which is a big hit with consumers.

Cons of This Design

This bow is really a starter bow, although it’s ok for intermediate users, too. If you’re an expert, you may find that this bow doesn’t have the right features for your needs. As well, it may lack some of the style details of the priciest models. That being said, it’s great for those who want a nice starter bow that doesn’t cost a fortune and it does look very nice, too.

What Do Real-life Customers Say?

Most customers who invest in Samick Sage recurve bows are very happy with them. They find them well-made, good-looking and perfect for target practice or hunting. This model is a crowd-pleaser in that it doesn’t get too many bad reviews. The truth is that bad reviews for this model are few and far between and this means that it does deliver quality, fun and functionality to users. One customer was particularly impressed with how straight this model shoots and compared it to a “beautiful work of art”.

Is This Bow Right for You?

If you want a starter bow which is also ideal for intermediate users, and you are comfortable with a budget to mid-range price tag, you’ll find that this model offers tons of quality. It shoots very well, which is really what it’s all about, and it looks great. As well, you may customise it with limbs in order to access perfect comfort and performance.

Now that you know more about the Samick Sage recurve bow, you’ll be ready to decide whether or not it suits your needs. We believe in this model and we are happy to recommend it, mostly based on very positive customer reviews. Eighty-one percent of all customer reviews at a larger online retailer were five-star, so this affordable recurve bow is really a total winner and it’s so easy to order it online.

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