Taking Archery To Another Level – Trick Shots

Do you think you know everything about archery? Most people think they have it down pretty well. They can take aim and hit accurate shots from pretty far away. Most of the time, none of them are moving though. When we found Lars Anderson we were pretty blown away. He has taken up his skill to another level by taking some pretty wild trick shots. He shoots faster than most people will ever and does so without a quiver. Check out this video showing some of his shots and how he does it.

Lars is taking some of the traditional knowledge with what we know about historical archery and turning it around. With some of the recent pictures and images that are being discovered depicting ancient archery, we are starting to see that archers back then tended to move when shooting more than we previously though. Lars tries to recreate this with a traditional longbow and is having great results. His name is quickly getting out there and he is becoming one of the most well known archers out there. There will be plenty more to follow. It may be worth getting in on this now while you can and level up your skills even more!

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